Getting the code from this platform working beyond and making higher quality video


My name is Tyler Hallett and I am a new media artist who engages with children in slum communities in Thailand and China as part of my creative practice that also works to teach “new media” skills to children.

I do lot’s of interactive art and work in programs like Max/Jitter and Touchdesigner, which are more visual object-based programming setups. Yet, I love your platform and I think it has some great tools to get students creating some fun content very quickly so I would love to use it as part of my classes with the children in slum communities.

While I was quickly able to understand what is going on in your platform and how I could use things within your platform, I am a little confused about how the “advanced export” settings. I have created some stuff in your platform and then have downloaded the zip file that contains the CSS, HTML, Assets etc, but I am a little confused about how to use these in some other platform to make something that is custom has a larger file size appropriate for visual art showings.

Do you have any recommendations about which program would allow me to utilize the code from this app that is being created in your platform? For example, I have created something in the “Lesson 7: The Draw loop” and I imagine created a lesson where every student creates a short looping scene that could be coming like an “interactive quilt” where all they are combined and playing together as a video art piece.

As I said, I am kinda basic in the coding world, but I am wondering what would be the most streamlined way to get this code with the assets working in some other platform that would allow higher quality video recording. I am wondering if this code and assets could be used in Processing? (I know how to record HD video from processing using Syphon recorder) but I am kinda stuck in moving the code and things from your platform to somewhere else.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I think the kids will really love some of the activities we can create and do with your platform and the final outcome if I can figure out how to customize and getting higher quality video.

Sorry for the long post. This is actually and charity project I have started and I am doing with all my own funding and actions so any help you could provide I would totally be grateful!

Thanks so much for your time,

Tyler James

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I’ll try to get you a response as best as possible. This is something I am curious about as well. Good luck however.

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When exporting a project, “the css, html, assets, etc” are the parts of a webpage. To answer your question, the program that will allow you to utilize the code from the app is a web browser: Chrome, Safari, etc.

These projects are meant be placed on your websites, where a user can view it without needing Admittedly, does not make it clear how you would get it working, but I do have a simple proof of concept with

Porting the project to a different application, namely processing, which is an entirely different language is going to be incredibly difficult and will require a lot of manual work.