Gif/webp are they possible?

My student wants to use either a gif or a webp as a background in his Jumper game (CS Discoveries Unit 3, Lesson 21, puzzle 6) and searched the web to find out how to do so, however what he found online isn’t working showing up for us. His work is attached. Please advise. image

Hi Kristen,

This code is trying to set the background image of the entire web page, not specifically the Game Lab project. Even though Game Lab uses Javascript, it is working within the constraints of the Game Lab environment and doesn’t allow the students to use functions that would edit the rest of the Code Studio web page.

In order for the student to use the image, he will need to upload it into the animation tab and use it as a background sprite. He should make sure that he creates his background sprite first so that it is behind the other sprites.