Google Classroom Setup

I’m teaching 5th and 6th grade coding for the very first time and am working on setting up my Google Classrooms. I use topics to organize the units for the other courses I teach, but am struggling to grasp what I will need organization wise. Should I make a topic each for digital citizenship, sprites, variables, etc? What have you found to work vs. what was a waste of time or confusing for your students?


This is a great question for which I’m looking for advise as well.
I read in a post earlier that one should not use both google classroom and clever for log-in as that could lead to duplicate accounts.
We use Clever, Google Classroom and Canvas. I’d planned to use Clever for log-ins and am hoping to use Google Classroom with Canvas for grading…I need to reduce the number of learning systems for grading which is all synched to Synergy…any suggests on initial set-ups, best practices for setting up Google Classroom (1st year using the platform though I’m very familiar with the software features like slide, sheets, etc.)?

Thanks for the recommendations and support!