Grading question

How do we know if a student’s code works? I tried logging in the Maker App but I can’t move from one student to another.

How do we grade them? Is there a way to get a CSV of the Progress Levels?

I want to give my students more than pass/fail grades. Can I see who earned which evaluation in the rubric somewhere?

The Maker App should just be a mirror of the site. If you click “My Dashboard” in the top left, it should pull up what you normally see when you log into There, you should be able to access your teacher pane and move through your students as you normally would

That is what I am doing but it isn’t working. Any idea why?

Hmm, I’m not sure. This is what I did. I logged in and got this:

From there, I clicked My Dashboard and clicked the number under the “students” column:

I get my list of students and can click progress (this is a test account with fake students):

If I click on one of the levels (I’m going to click the 3 next to Devon, it takes me to the level and I get my teacher panel that I can move through students with:

That is exactly what I was doing and it wasn’t working. I just tried again and it is working now. Who knows.

Is there a way I can get a list of the grades I give them without having to click on each student individually?

Sorry, I might need you to elaborate on what you mean by on the grades you give. Do you mean projects, assessments, or individual bubbles? My understanding is that code’s platform does not have a common grading format, or place for you to put grades in because of the variation of how people are graded across the US.

However, an alternative is to use Google Classroom. I’m pretty sure that you can load all the lessons in as blank assignments for Google Classroom, then just keep your grades there as you assess student work. You can even assign the individual lessons using the “Send to Students” button:

For the assessments levels (at the end of the unit), there is a tab that lets you see all the information, and even download it as a CSV:

The CSV is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much. I should have seen that but I have so many computer systems I’m using that I totally missed the tab.