Grading websites--I need to see what was first created!

I messed up and didn’t grade my student’s websites they initially created before they moved on to CSS and their website changed drastically. So, when I go back to their original website, It is already updated. Anyway to see the original??

Yes and no. You could have your students click on the version history and roll their website back to the date you wanted to grade, however, as you may imagine, that could be problematic at best because students may have finished on different dates and what is even a bigger issue is that they will lose all work completed since then.

That being said, what I usually do when this happens (which I must admit happens to me more often than I like), I look at their current website and can usually tell based on where they are now if they mastered the concepts I was looking for when I wanted to grade them initially at which point, I give them full credit.

I figure if they are past that point, but their site still looks good, they must have done what I was originally looking for.

Best of luck!


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Thanks! That’s basically what I did. I knew I could go back with the version history, but didn’t want to lose all the new work either! Just have to be quicker next time! Thanks again.