Grouping objects in Design

How does a student group designs they create using multiple objects into one object? thanks,
Kyle Kuhlers

@k_kuhlers Could you provide an example? This would lead to some clarity on what you are trying to accomplish.


Students are not able to “group designs” in the sense that you can in slides or a photo editing program. In programming, and Object has a lot of different properties (ID, text, color, etc) that are unique to that particular data structure. Because App Lab is designed to be as close as possible to the raw structures that are used when programming, there isn’t a way to group them because this would obscure (abstract) students’ interaction with the programming structures.

I know its an inconvenience when students are trying to organize/manipulate elements on their screen… it certainly is in my class too! I try to reminding students that they’re not just practicing the skills of using convenient software… they’re practicing the skills of making it!


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