Help Please // School Communications Best Practices



Our school is currently challenged by effective communications. We do the loudspeaker announcement thing. We do some emails. Some flyers in boxes. But we have no “system”. Having no system is kinda a good thing 'cause it means we have the opportunity to make one. So, I’m going to try and propose one.

Does anyone have a school communications system that works - even 60% works would be a good place to start.

In lieu of a real system (I’m guessing this is a problem elsewhere) are there tools or smaller programs/projects that you have seen to be effective? .

Is this an issue others would like to dig in to with me? Happy to set up a wiki some where and build ideas or just report back if I find out anything useful.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Steve Wright
Oakland Technical HS
Oakland, CA


I’m in Steve!

I also work at Oakland Tech.

Resources we do not currently have:

  • chromebooks are not available in most classes on a regular basis
  • no main entrance
  • no teachers lounge

Resources we DO have:

  • all teachers have at least a desktop computer, most also have a chromebook
  • the mentioned PA system, though the sound is inadequate
  • all teachers have email
  • most teachers belong to a team of some sort

Does this help? I’d love to think outside of the box to solve this problem! Thanks for bringing it up in this space Steve!!

-Amy Talley
9th Grade Computer Science/Advisory
Oakland Technical High School
Oakland, CA


Can you clarify the problem? Communication among who exactly? What are specific issues? Misunderstandings? Distribution is not comprehensive? Examples would also be helpful.