Help! Sample Student Video for Unit 1 App Project

Help, I though I remembered someome posting a sample student presentation of their app here. I know I saw a young lady presenting to her teacher. It was in a discussion on flipgrid? Anyway, if you know what I’m talking about, can you help? I’d love to show my students a really great job of presenting.

Hi @Maggie.Elliott,

I tried using the search bar but had no success finding it, unfortunately. I tried all sorts of permutations of “student app presentation video flipgrid” in the #csd channel and nothing came up.

Do you happen to recall when you saw this? Maybe if we could narrow down the search we’d have more luck finding it.

–Michael K.

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update: I finally found what I was looking for. The video was on Vimeo. Thanks for trying to help @mkmietowicz

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Glad to help! Would you mind linking the video here so others reading this thread in the future can use this resource?

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Here is the video - It is a great example to share with students