Hour of code - local events calendar - Italy

Good morning , I am a retired IT Manager and I signed up recently to volunteer for Hour of code. While I understand the events are driven by teachers and schools, nevertheless I wold like to know more about what’s going on near my home town.
I have the following questions for the administrators

  1. When I search for hour of code events on the global map at https://hourofcode.com/it#join, I can see only the name of the school , no contact person details are available. Are you planning to add such details ? , It could be much easier for volunteers to find the right person to address.

  2. I can’t see any Calendar of events for the schools near my home town. Knowing when events will happen can help volunteers to plan activities in advance

  3. I can’t find a country - localized version of Testimonials video . I think it could be helpful sharing real experience of performing an Hour of code session into a specific school in Italy ( elementare, media o liceo, that’s relevant for me for example)

thanks for your feedback

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Hi @rfontana2302 ,

Thanks for reaching out to us. If you send an email to support@code.org, someone from our International team can give you more specific help.

Hope that helps,