We are a big community and we are celebrating this week the HOUR OF CODE

My name is Sandra Vazquez I live in Mexico City and we are celebrating The hour of code We plan a lot of fun and cheerful activities and what we need is a note or a card congratulating our kids for celebrating this event through Code.org

I would really aprecatiate your cards for BYJU´S CHILDREN OR Miss Sandra´s Team

Thank you very much in advanced

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Hey Sandra!

So happy to hear you’re already gearing up for this year’s Hour of Code! Your students are going to love it!

Just an FYI in case you didn’t already know this, but with many of the Hour of Code activities via Code.org, each of your students will get a printable certificate that congratulates them when they compete the activity that they can customize with their name! Just one way kids can celebrate their learning and something they can proudly take home.

Hopefully others will reach out- perhaps you could even connect via the forum with another classroom?


Thank you so much

How can we participate with other communities

Hey Maria,

Check out all the resources here for lots of ideas for your Hour of Code week. You’ll also find ways to print certificates (scroll down the page a bit). You could also put a post under the “Hour of Code” area of the forum asking if there are other teachers who might like to connect with your classroom!