How do students create a pdf of their code?


I suppose I can just have them drop their code into a google doc but are there any easy tools for creating syntax highlighted, pretty printed, PDFs of JavaScript source code?


From the lesson plan…

  1. Have students copy their code into CodePrint, draw a rectangle around the abstraction they are writing about, and then print/save that as a PDF

Hope that helps!


Code Print is great. Copying the code and pasting into Word is another option. If you do that it looks better if the font is Courier New or another fixed width font.


When we go to CodePrint, there is only an option to print. There is no option to save as a PDF. What am I missing?



So-called “Print to PDF” is a pretty common feature of modern operating systems that the CodePrint tool is assuming you’ll use. Most computers have “save as PDF” or “print to PDF” as part of the built-in print dialog.

If you search for “print to pdf _____” and fill in the blank with “windows,” “mac”, etc. you should find what you need.

For example, here’s a windows one: (But I didn’t search that hard)

Hope that helps,