HS credit for CS Discoveries

I teach in MN and am bringing CS Discoveries into our Jr/Sr High school (gr. 7-13). We were told that we cannot offer HS credit for CS Discoveries. Help. Any ideas or information would be appreciated.

Not sure if we have some Minnesota teachers in the forum. Hopefully some will chime in. I know in Utah where I am from, CSD isn’t an official course at any level and we have to use the curriculum to meet the standards for the official courses that are offered (ie. Creative Coding). Maybe you can reach out to some other teachers who may be teaching similar classes and see if they have more information?


We’re in a somewhat similar situation in Florida. We just recently added a course code for CS Discoveries, but some districts have been creative about fitting the curriculum into existing tech course codes.

I’d recommend reaching out to your closest Regional Partner and seeing what they know about what’s happening in your area. Since you’re in Minnesota, it looks like that’s going to be Twin Cities Public Television.

Michael K.