What course code do you use for the Discoveries and Principals classes

I am planning on presenting my case to teach the Computer Discoveries class next year at my middle school. I currently teach an 8th grade Digital Information Class that counts as a high school credit but would like to offer an alternative that is not focused so much on the business software. I am in Florida and am asking if anyone teaches this course what class code from CPALMS is your class assigned to. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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@rclark, I love that idea!!

I reached out to my team to see if we can locate some folks in your state who would know more about this.

If anyone else had any ideas please feel free to help us out! thanksss!

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Thank you for following up on this. I am getting excited about being able to teach this class next year.

I am also interested to know what course code Discoveries falls under. I cannot find a school website in Florida where a high school is teaching CS: Discoveries curriculum.

I know AP CS Principles is code #0200335.

@rclark, @kevinsukhoo - were you able to find anything out for this? I think cpalms.org people would be the ones to know. I’ve spent a couple of hours on the site today but I just cannot connect the curriculum to one of the codes.

Maybe @justin.feller or @pedro_uribe can help out here.

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The class code # that was giving to me that we will be using is 9009200. Here is the information that was sent to me9009200-1819 Coding Fundamentals MS - for merge.docx (24.0 KB)

Hope this will help you out.

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Thanks so much for this!

Awesome! That is one of two directions I was going to suggest you go. I am down in Broward County - where in the state are you? My high school offers CS Discoveries to students in all four grade levels.

Of course, I cannot say with certainty that your area would be doing it the same way that another area would. Considering that, I would absolutely suggest reaching out to your district STEM, Applied Learning or Science (that’s right…Science) curriculum coordinator. They would have the latest as far as course codes being used in your district. _That also might help with your pitch to administration. If you can show you are following district conventions, implementation will likely be smoother from an administrative standpoint (that is important to them).

On the other hand, if your district contact tells you that there is no course code currently in use, go with the one you have linked above!