HTML Tag list to share with students

I was wondering if anyone has created a list of HTML tags that I can give to the students as. a resource? Would like to print it and laminate it so can use it over and over again.

Hi @jleonard,

Since there are so many HTML tags in existence, it’s a bit tough to have a list that’s practical to print and laminate. However, a search of “html cheat sheet” does yield a few results that might be viable:

If you’re asking if there exists a list of just the HTML tags introduced in the CSD curriculum, I don’t believe that exists.


This page includes all of the tags introduced in unit 2 or your could point students to the documentation at


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Thanks @josh for the quick response to my query!

@jleonard If you haven’t already, make sure you check out Josh’s response with the resources that turned out to exist.