Implementation Planning


What did you realize while you were completing your implementation document?

I realized that this will take a lot of class time in the beginning as I will be the only “expert” in the room. However, as the students gain more experience, they can start helping out their classmates.

Are there any areas where you feel completely ready and confident?

Since this will be my first time implementing it, I don’t have the confidence yet.

Are there any areas where you could use more time and experience?

As of now, I think the entire module has room for improvement and only time and experience will help with that.

Is there anywhere that you could use extra help from

I am concerned that the Implementation Document I created on Google Docs is private and I don’t know who to share it with to prove that I created it. Please help so that I can meet the deadline of 9/04/16 and receive credit ($) for work done. Thank you!


I’m excited to try it with my students, but I’m still very nervous about my own abilities. Hopefully, I’ll have some time to practice a little more and gain confidence. I think my biggest hurdle will be finding the time to introduce it. I feel like class time is precious and I have a difficult time already teaching everything.


I have learned a lot since starting this program, but I still feel like there is so much more to learn. I am confident that I can guide my students through the lessons that are step by step, but I fear that I may not be able to answer questions that arise. I look forward to seeing my students using the program. I am interested to see how different levels of students interact with the content and how they handle completing the tasks they are given.


Completing this document made me feel confident in my overall goals and timeline for implementation.

It also highlighted areas that I’m looking forward to hearing suggestions about next weekend when we meet for the next PD. I’m interesting in getting ideas on whether or not to have students work with their own tablets or share.


I realized that I am excited about implementing this, but that I really need to find a way to advertise and get some good PR out of this.

I feel that I am ready to implement SLNova and I can not wait to get to it!
I need some time in really understanding what we can model and what we can’t in SLNova. I understand it’s an element based programming, but what is the opposite? Fluid dynamics?
I could use some help from on how to get the math side of things and reporting going with SLNova for the kids.


Are there any areas where you feel completely ready and confident?

Computer implementation for me is a breeze. As an IT specialist for 15 years, I’m the lead teacher for technology. So solving any computer related or internet related problems will not be an issue.

Are there any areas where you could use more time and experience?

The coding part is killing me. The reason is because unlike traditional coding platforms, SLNova doesn’t react the same. If you delete a widget or part of the coding, sometimes you have to either start from scratch or delete more code and go back and recreate it again. That frustrates me sometimes and I can see it possibly frustrating some kids.

Is there anywhere that you could use extra help from

I guess not. I think I just need to “play” with it some more to get used to it. It’s obviously a different platform than what I’ve played with in the past with my IT experience and I just have to get used to how it operates.


As I was completing my implementation document I realized that a challenge would include where to add in the learning modules into my curriculum. After getting the basics down I think my students will be excited to use coding to demonstrate mastery of the content, but the first hurdle is getting them through the basics without losing too much instructional time.

In order to increase my confidence, I really just need to implement one time to see where I need to work out bugs. I also need to determine the best place to plan on student implementation on their own as opposed to the canned modules. I can see the canned modules being given as in-between topics “breaks” for the students, like after-test material, especially since we have the 1-1 chromebooks. I definitely want to incorporate coding into the curriculum, and am willing to do what it takes to give my students opportunities to have this experience.

Extra help I think is going to come in the form of finding and manipulating other teachers’ coding practice.


What did you realize while you were completing your implementation document?
I worry about the time it will take to teach the module. Our school district’s pacing guide has allotted a specific amount of time for each unit of study and incorporating coding into my ecosystem unit will mean I have to be creative in my planning and time management.

Are there any areas where you feel completely ready and confident?
I feel like I need more practice with the module simulation. Since time has passed from our in-person session in July, I already feel less confident in my ability to do the simulations, much less teach them. I will have to make sure I get in plenty of practice before the time comes to implement the module in the classroom.

Are there any areas where you could use more time and experience?
As I said above, I feel like I need to practice with coding. I started feeling like I was getting the hang of it a little bit during our July session. But when I got home and started working on finishing phase two, I felt less confident, especially since I was now alone trying it. The videos and guidance was very helpful.

Is there anywhere that you could use extra help from
I could use help in all areas of coding. I feel like a real novice, which is scary when I know I have to teach this to my students. Again, more practice (guided practice) would be helpful in maybe helping me feel more confident.


I am a little nervous about remembering how to code each step and to have the information show up correctly on the widgets. I will need to keep practicing before I implement the lessons with students. I am hoping to memorize what each color means, so I can identify where to find the blocks more easily. I am confident in being able to encourage my students to troubleshoot. I teach robotics coding with my students, and we have learned how to problem solve and troubleshoot together.


I do fee a lack of confidence on my part aswell. I just need to continue practicing so that I can become better acquainted with how to program everything. However, some areas I do feel ready to use are the gadgets. I could use more practice with the set-up.


While completing the plan, I realized that I need to practice the modules more so that I can be more familiar with them. Everyone says that the students will be able to figure it out quicker than the teacher, but I do not like being in the dark. I need to continue practicing so that I am more confident in the coding. I also need to make sure that I manage the time well when introducing the modules to my students and make sure the computers are available. The videos from Phase 2 were very helpful. I think there needs to be more guided practice videos to help me be more confident.


I think I need more practice with coding. Presently, my school corporation uses ipads at my level and we do not have flash. Plan to discuss with admin about potential solutions.


“Get Out There And Fail” is my technology motto. I share it every year with numerous students. There is no need to fear failure. Our only task is to learn from it. We need to remember, this is simply a TOOL for releasing the creativity and ingenuity locked up in young human minds. It was created for the benefit of us all. Let’s work together to put it to the test.

I am confident that together, we can navigate the most efficient way to get kids generating models of scientific processes. Learning is a process. I’m grateful that my administration and computer lab supervisor are supportive. Wish me luck!


I feel confident that I can get the materials needed to implement the lessons, and I feel confident in helping students set up accounts, and explaining the basics.
I do feel I need more time to practice and experiment with simulations so that I am better able to help students with issues that may arise.
As far as where I need more help, I’m not sure at this point, I think questions will arise as I begin implementation, and I will need to ask or research then.


I feel the same apprehension others do, and am hoping that the students and I learn together.


Much of it for me would be like any new lesson I plan: Full implementation means more practice and thoughtful layout with student learning in mind. Our district has not given a directive on how CS should be taught at our grade levels (6-8th). I would need more time to develop lessons from the instructor manual and realize i won’t learn the coding well enough to be an expert before students start the modules.


I am definitely in still in the learning process! I feel confident in creating a new project, remixing, and other very basic tasks like that. However, I still find myself looking in every drawer for something and having to re-arrange and re-think quite often! I think after the first time going through this process with students, I will feel more confident. They always surprise me with their willingness to try new things and think outside the box! I can see such benefits to this program, so although I’m not 100% confident, I will push forward to bring this to my students. We will be learning together.


I am concerned that not using the materials a lot myself if I am going to be able to answer the questions of the students and if I will feel adequately prepared to teach the modules. I know that as you get going it will get easier but it is still hard to be the first one at your school and not have any other support in the building.


Here is the link to my Implementation Document. : )


I have most of my implementation plan ready - I am just unsure of how long the lessons will take, so I haven’t set aside time yet. I teach both 7th and 8th grade, so I am looking at what topics I can integrate these lessons into. For my 7th grade students, it will work well to use the models when they are learning about ecosystems and the interactions between organisms across various ecosystems. I am not sure about the 8th grade. It may work (from a logical standpoint) to use the coding models in connection with genetics. They will be learning about mutations, adaptations and natural selection, so these models could represent the members of a species that are able to survive, thereby passing on their genetic advantages. I need more time to work on the models to refine the concept and make sure it will work for this unit of study.