Implementation Planning


I feel I need more practice with activities and getting to now the order of using blocks. I am the only one from my school implementing the CODE with my students and I feel if there were more teachers it would be easier for me since we would able to help each other. However, not having anyone in the school to go for help is going to be very hard for me. I just have to teach it at very slow pace and still learn a lot with my students. By practicing over time I will get better at this. I feel if at the upcoming in person PD if we had more time to create or repeat some of the activities would help me get better and feel more comfortable at teaching it. I am still confused on adding wells and experimenting with wells Module. However, Ido feel pretty comfortable with basics and most of the items in Module 1.


You know the old adage involving an old dog and new tricks, right? I kind of feel that way when it comes to the implementation of the lessons on coding. I know that my students are probably going to catch on to this stuff more quickly than I. but I’ll feel more confident about the whole process after more opportunities to experience actual coding. I’m not the best at learning new technology, but I am willing. It will just take me more time.


I wonder how long this will keep my interest. I am not discovering my passion for Star Logo. I wonder what a middle school experience will be like if I do not project my interest and passion for this platform for learning computer science concepts


I feel confident that I can create a basic module, but need a lot more time to practice the coding to be able to seamlessly teach it to my students. I feel it would provide a great activity to add to a choice board once my understanding is solid. I believe directions are key for the students. They have a difficult time following written directions and often want to jump right in, but often-times reading procedures are helpful and provided to guide you through a complicated activity. I also believe that in a middle school, if the 6th grade teachers are able to provide the basics of block coding, then the 7th grade teachers will be able to move beyond the basics and into the experimental components of the coding. The 8th grade teachers would be able to take the coding even further by having the students create their own modules. The potential is great. It is the implementation that will be key to making this a success in the classroom.


I am confident in how to share the experience. I have a small school, but I am the only teacher involved in the project. To get the rest of the school excited, we will present and share our module on water use on earth day. The students will have a chance to share their work and enthusiasm.
I really need more experience in coding, DAILY practice.


That is a tough one, I find it hard to teach what I’m not passionate about. Do you have any students that might be passionate about it? If so could you give this to them ahead of the class? I have a few students who are driven to code and they speak about it so excitedly the other students ask, “when can we code” every day.


Although I haven’t used all the features, I feel fairly confident about my coding abilities in StarLogo Nova. I feel that I don’t have to be an expert in every command. I’m sure that some students will try a command that I didn’t and show me how to use it. That’s ok.
I’ll be working with another teacher and that should make things easier too.

By taking this, on we’re in a new territory which is a bit uncertain - yet exciting. I look forward to the challenge.


I acknowledge that I do need much more practice.


I feel ready to take this on. I think this is important opportunity for students to view us as lifelong learners. Just because we are the teachers doesn’t mean that we know everything. This will be an opportunity for us to model how to persist through challenges and reach a new level of understanding.


As I look ahead I think the biggest concern for me is just to be able to problem shoot with the technology at our school. I am in the process now of double checking that the computers we are using will be adequate for the operation of star logo nova. I am going to be testing them soon. I also look forward to teaching the computer science to my students with my content area. I think it will go well. I am sure my students will teach me and I will learn much from them as they become experts in the programming.


I feel confident about all of it, but I definitely need to review the individual lessons and make some adjustments so they fit within my content and teaching style. I will also have to work with my coteacher to differentiate for students with special needs, ELLs, etc. I can’t plan all the implementation until I know a bit more about my schedule for the year and have worked on my curriculum plan more, but I am confident it will go well.


My principal wanted us to be involved with so there is support. There are chrome books for the students to use and the district is upgrading the wifi in the classrooms. Now I just have to jump in and try the modules with my students. I agree with most of the posts - we just need to practice and do it to get better at it!


While I was completing my implementation document my main concern is when I will find the time to plan and prepare for the (maybe) 3 weeks of lessons. I am hoping that we won’t have trouble reserving the computers. If we can get enough, then all of our grade level teachers could teach the unit in synch with each other. In this way, we could plan together and support each other.


While I was completing my implementation document, I realized how lucky I am to have access to computers in my classroom. My school has a number of Chromebook carts and I have one in my classroom. As the school’s technology coordinator, I have all the answers to any possible tech issues and I can focus all my efforts on my student’s experience. This first quarter I want to be able to identify all the challenges that may arise with technology, the implementation of the curriculum, and student engagement as it relates to a schoolwide effort. I know my students will enjoy the program – but I want this be a positive experience across the school as well!


I agree! One of my challenges will also be how to embed these lessons into my science instruction. We need to do some explicit computer science instruction - but at the same time incorporate the science instruction. It will take me a few units to understand how to effectively incorporate all the components of the computer science program.


I feel confident in teaching module 1 to my class, with a little more practice. I definitely need to relook at the other modules to become more familiar with them again.


I agree with what several of the teachers have stated above. I now have reserved the Chromebooks for 5 weeks for my class and hope to use computer programming to help model some of the complicated concepts in Chemistry.


I am excited about using Star Nova with my students. Many of my students this year enjoy gaming and I know they are going to be able to decipher the coding faster than I did. I am still not as fast as I would like to be, but I feel that I just need to practice more. I am very lucky that my students will have the technology right in our classroom to work 1 on 1; however, I like the idea of pairing them as we did in our PD session. Perhaps, once students have finished an assignment, I will allow them to make individual projects by themselves.

Once we implement our lessons with the students, if we have any roadblocks, is there anyone from that we can email for help?


The theme of the entries is practice. That is what I need also, practice and time. I was pretty comfortable after the workshop, but that was 2 months ago and I hadn’t really worked with it since that time. As I start using the program with my students during ELT, I will be able to work with it more and will get more and more comfortable. My school systems also has a Saturday training coming up soon, which is great because that will help me get back into it again.


I think I know what I am supposed to do.
However, I need more practice to be confident.