Inform Student - Offensive Term


I teach in an International School and at times the correct or more political correct vocabulary is not as developed as it may be in the Europe or America.

I have a student whose English is not strong. This student has a term in their create PT which could be deemed offensive in terms of race, I know this is not intended, but also would not want my student to cause undue stress to any readers.

So the question is. 1) Can I correct it? It is part of their create PT, but would literally be changing one word rather than any code.

@glenn.crane This is a tough one, since the college board restricts us from giving feedback until the project has been submitted. I would contact the college board directly to find out what their position is for this scenario. The Facebook groups have lead AP readers there. That’s another resource that you could check.

Thanks. Actually today one of my other students was looking at this students app and mentioned the wording, which has now been changed. Thankfully I did not have to think much more on this.

In future though I would ask CollegeBoard.

Thanks for the advice.