Is anyone using a textbook in parallel with CS Discoveries? If so, what book are you using?

I am a CS Certified teacher in the state of Oklahoma (rare). I was on the writing committee to create the CS standards for our state.

As such, I have been asked by my district to work with teachers in our district to develop a curriculum that will prepare our high school juniors and seniors to be successful in AP CS.

I will be offering AP CS next school year as well as CS Discoveries, so grades 9-12 will be covered. I have already selected an appropriate text for the AP SC course. But I am having trouble finding a textbook that meshes well with the CS Discoveries course.

If anyone has any suggestions please offer them here or feel free to send me a PM.

Thanks in advance.

D Keely


Hi, I use the Introduction to Computers and Information Technology by Pearson. It’s mainly for IC3 Certification but it is a good resource. I looked for months and have not found too many resources. Please share if you find something better.



Thanks for the title. I will take a look. So, far I am liking this one.