Is it possible to make the extra challenges not optional?


My students are working through several different courses on their own, and while some attack every extra challenge with gusto, others are skipping them.

Is there a way to make these lesson extras/extra challenges required for the courses? I’ve looked but can’t find an option for that.


My 8th graders are working in Unit 3 of CSD. At the beginning of each class I project up front the new commands we will be learning and which lesson and the levels required to be completed. Besides completing each lesson with the regular levels, I also require my 8th graders to do the challenge and free play levels and tell them those are what I will be grading. I also tell them if they don’t show creativity and use of the commands learned in that lesson, they will make a low grade. I gave quite a few D’s the first time I graded and let the students know they could go back and re-do or finish the levels in a lesson but that they only had a class period to do so, plus do the current lesson. Getting those D’s seemed to be a wake up call for most of my students. I don’t think they realized I could see their progress and even if they clicked Finish, I could still tell if they did the level correctly or not. Most thought I wouldn’t bother to actually look that closely. It does take time but it’s worth it to me to give grades according to a student’s actual level of work.