Is there a quick way to see when students last logged in, or how long they worked?

If this feature exists, can someone point me toward it? If not, it’d be a great feature to add!


I know tracking time spent is a highly requested feature. According to this post, it is something they are working on. (Time Spent on Platform)

For now, you can track the last time they made progress when you are looking at their progress (in the progress tab) by mousing over the name of each student. It would be nice if you could see it for all students at once rather than having to mouse over each name, but maybe that’s part of what they are working on for future updates.

Hope the progress tracker helps you a little bit at least.


This is what Mike is referring to - I moused over student #4. It at least gives me an idea when the last time they worked (11/20 is actually good in this case as it was our last day before a week off!)

Thanks! That helps, and fingers crossed for a more robust tracking tool in the future :slight_smile: