Time Spent on Platform

Is there a way for me to view how much time a student is spending on code studio?

@sean.glantz Code Studio does not have a feature that shows you how long students have spent logged into the website. However, when checking student responses, you are able to see the date and time they submitted the checks for understanding or any submissions for assignments.

Thanks Terence,

Is it possible to pass this on as a feature request? I have started using CMU CS Academy in one of my JH computer science classes and I have found this feature to be extremely helpful in supporting students, especially in online learning. They have a display directly below the student progress display that shows number of minutes active on platform by day. I have found this useful for identifying students who are spending too much time working on their assignments outside of class to keep up, and giving me more information when identifying how to support students that are struggling.

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Hello all! The Code.org team is working on expanding our timestamp offerings to allow for showing how long students spent on a given puzzle or lesson, as this is a highly requested new feature. We currently offer timestamps for showing when a student had last made progress in a given course, or the specific date/time of completion of any given puzzle. We appreciate the feedback!