Time Stamp on Completed Assignments

I’m trying to find a feature in Code.org that would show a “timestamp” of when a student submitted an assigned problem.

From where I’m looking on the Section Overview (https://code.org/teacher-dashboard#/sections/ ), I can only see whether or not each assignment/question was answered (and the student’s answer to each question), not when it was answered.

Does this feature exist anywhere, even in a clunky or difficult to access format?


I would like to see this too. I know at one time the lessons show how long ago a page was saved (for example, this was last saved 1 day ago or 1 hour ago.) It would so much more helpful to show the time of last saved. (for example, last saved at 1:32 pm on 10/3/2017). Is there any way to get this information?

@lanna.mack @karen_purcell When you click on your class section, you are directed to the student progress panel. All submitted assignments are colored purple. Clicking on the purple icon takes you the lesson and section where the assignment was submitted. Upon arriving on the assignment page, you can click on the tag on the right of the bowser to extend the Teacher Panel. There you should see the date and time of submission for the assignment. If this feature is not working for you, please report a bug using the menu on the top right of the browser or send an email to support@code.org.

Thanks, Terence – I knew that there had to be a record of the submission time. I will follow up with Support. My Teacher Panel doesn’t show the “Submitted on:” information nor does it give me the option to “Unsubmit.”

Something must not be right with my account…

@lanna.mack - Glad you are following up with support. I did want to mention though that this does not exist on all levels only certain ones marked as submittable levels. For example this level is submittable - https://studio.code.org/s/csd3/stage/14/puzzle/7 . After you run the code you see a submit button appear.

Hope that helps!