How To Know When Work Is Waiting for Review

I am teaching CSD for the first time this year. I am experienced teaching CS, but not

One tool that seems to be lacking is a notification when a student completes an assessment (e.g. CSD Unit 2 Lesson 3 Level 8) and when a student resubmits work after receiving feedback.

My workaround has been to download all teacher feedback into a CSV, import it into Excel and filter for lessons with a Review State of “Waiting for review”.

This works to get me a list of students who have responded to feedback and whose work I need to re-assess.

However, there does not seem to be a way to get a list of students who have submitted work for the first time. Since those students do not have any feedback, yet, they do not show up in the download of All Teacher Feedback.

Any ideas? Does anyone have a better system?