Student Progress - how is time spent on lessons measured by

I am noticing that some of my students have unusually high amounts of time spent on lessons on the progress dashboard. I am almost positive that some students did not spend more than 1-2 minutes on the lesson, but found a way to make it look like they spent a lot of time. Has anyone else run into this? Also, how does track “time spent”? Do they have to actively be doing something in the lesson or can it be just open in a browser tab?

Hi @amy.kolovich,

It is frustrating when you feel kids are not being honest and doing the work. I don’t really look at this data too much. I use the purple assessment exercises for completion grades and use the mini-projects as more significant grades. Kids that aren’t doing the daily work are not successful with the mini-projects so the poor grades show up there. But, it is an interesting question. You can ask support about the exact method they use to come up with the time spent data.


Thanks for the reply! I agree with you 100% on using the purple assessment exercises and other measures for grading. However, not all lessons in have that. For example, I just taught “How AI works” for the first time to a new group of students. This series has no checks or assessments at all, so the only way I can know for sure that they even experimented with the lesson is by classroom observation or using the time they spent as a measure (I found some students spent only 1-2 minutes which was too low, but I was curious about those that had high numbers as that seemed off to me since the lessons are often not long)