Time Monitoring

Is there anyway for me to see how much time students are spending in CSD? I need to track hours for their Senior Project.

Hi Kristine,

I am not aware of this feature. I will share your post as a curriculum development idea.


While we’re waiting to hear back from Code.org, I have seen students cheat the system too easily in the past and just leave the website open to track hours (we did an experiment with a course and “seat time” which students just left the browser open to achieve hours). For my independent studies (students that have taken all the programming courses and looking for more) in my school I have them fill out reflection forms of what they learned, what was challenging, what was easy and how I can help them. This helps them stay on track, and you might be able to include a question about time spent and from their answers know if they were bluffing.

Hope that helps,


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I had similar issues with keyboarding programs where students were asked to do X amount of hours keyboarding. They simply left the program open. Sneaky little buggers! :slight_smile:

In other programs I’ve used, it only tracks the actual time they are working.