Jumping Return Question


I have a student working on an awesome project. The horse in this situation jumps when the up button is pressed. However, the student wants to FORCE the horse to return to the start position before being able to jump again, because that’s real life :slight_smile: A horse cannot jump a second time in mid air. :laughing:

Anyone able to look at this code and make some suggestions?Horse Jumping Game

Hi mcmastersha,
I think Lesson 20, Level 4 takes care of this issue. I am including a screenshot:

I hope that helps :+1:t3:


I think so too! Thanks for the reminder! We will find out tomorrow :slight_smile:

Did my screenshot help your student?

A few of my students had the same issue, that’s why I made this slide.
Here is a “better cropped” version, if anyone else wants to use it.

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YES! It was awesome! It very much helped and made sense. Thank you so much!!!

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Good to hear, that’s awesome! :+1:t3:
You’re very welcome! :blush: