Lesson 5.9 Stage 16 (new AP score the response)

For the new score the response question in 5.9, the code segment shown gets the current password and assigns the password to the variable currentPassword. Immediately afterward, it checks if password == password, not using the assignment it just made. My students are concentrating on “not awarding the point” because of this bug rather than for the reason that the answer does not discuss how the code is intended to work.

Thanks for the heads-up on student misconceptions and on a possible typo. I am not sure if that bug was thrown in there (or originally there and just left there) intentionally, but I suppose it could be an exercise in stressing to students what criteria to focus on (the rubric) and what criteria not to focus on.

However, I’ll let code.org staff know about the bug since it does make other aspects of the response questionable - to me, the student’s response does not accurately describe what the code does (because of the bug you pointed out), possibly fulfilling none of the 3 criteria…

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hi there, @dahlem_brian! thanks so much for reporting – we’ve updated the program text to address the bug you noted. you can see the question here https://studio.code.org/s/csp5/stage/9/puzzle/16, and i’ve copied the program code here for your convenience:

thanks again :slight_smile:


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