Lesson Plans for Administration weekly

Hi…is there anywhere that there are lesson plans that include only what we have to turn in to administration weekly, and that can be added to teacher website when required by admin?

@afain There are PDF versions of the lessons available. The PDF lessons can be found in the menu bar below the code.org logo at https://curriculum.code.org/csp/unit1. Please keep in mind that this version will not have all the latest updates as the online versions.

@afain - What kinds of things are in the stuff you have to turn into your administrators weekly?

Here is the document I use: [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EiEoSEMWXjK_55mfh6e8Jr4MuUjtzuVJBp7DrQu2Xd0/edit?usp=sharing]

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Sorry to bubble up an old topic, but it seemed better than restarting one. Here are two examples of “administrator required lesson plans” that our teachers are being compelled to complete.

They seem to be commonly referred to as a “6 point Lesson Plan.”

#SquarePegRoundHole Busy work.


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Thanks for sharing examples of what types of information is being required. I would say that the code.org curriculum is closer to the 5E lesson model than the formats you shared. In my experience, I also had to explain to my administration the pedagogy and learning strategies of this curriculum so the lesson planning tool was more useful than busy work. With that said, most of the information can be found directly in the curriculum or is easily changed to meet local requirements.

For example from Unit 1
The big questions can be used for the EQs. The standards for a lesson are at the bottom of the lesson plan page. The objectives can be rewritten in the student friendly language for the ‘I can’ statement. Each lesson has a vocabulary list on the right side side. The bell ringer could be the warm up in the lesson plan. I think the descriptions of the activities on the planning tool are broad enough to work with the lessons as written including a wrap up and several opportunities to check for understanding. Depending on whether HW is required, I would say you could use a combination of the extended learning opportunities or additional reflection activities.

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I like your format, do you have it for the entire units 1, 2 and 3…I would greatly appreciate it