Looking for the advanced solution for Puzzle 12

I have tried many possibilities, but cannot solve this one. It asks, “Can you keep track of how many times the mouseDidMove shakes the salt, and then rotate it right side up after 100 shakes?”
I would appreciate a solution. I see the value of working out the puzzles myself, but there are cases where a solution would help, or a hint.

Hi Gretchen,
Here’s the example solution for the puzzle: https://studio.code.org/projects/gamelab/PiYspN_Wm3TjfAsRcxZrnA/view

Thanks! I appreciate the help. I did not think of the mouseMoveCount.

Hi Gretchen (and anyone else looking for solutions),

Are you able to see the Teacher Panel with “example solutions” on the right hand side of each of the levels? Teachers should have access to solutions for almost all the levels.

If you can’t see the solutions, you should register as a verified teacher. Here’s a support article to help you get verified: Becoming a Verified Teacher


Thank you. This is useful.