Model code for key puzzles in Unit 3, Chapter 2, Lessons 17 and 18


Where can I find a sample solution to some of the puzzles in 3.17? For example puzzle 13. Once I got to Lesson 18, I noticed that the code I wrote in Lesson 17 carries over. I don’t have the confidence or experience yet to know if the code I wrote is a good model. I’m concerned that my code might lead me down a rat hole later on because I did not take something else into consideration. Model code at key points would be helpful to newbies like me.


Hi Roseanna,
If you are signed in with a verified teacher account, you can pull up an example solution by opening the teacher panel on the side. If you don’t see the button, visit the link below to learn about getting your account verified. Hope this helps!

PS. The process may take a little longer due to being closed this week. If you need help urgently, let me know and I can send you a message with the code for this lesson’s example solution.


Thank you Mike! I am a verified teacher but never noticed the example solution button! My code is very similar to the example solution - makes me feel a lot better about my solution and a boost to my confidence.

Thanks again! - Roseanna