Looking for the Big data datasets from old Unit 2

Where can I find the large datasets that were in the old Unit 2 lessons on big data. Specifically I’d like to find the All Movies database csv file to teach a lesson on Summary Charts / Pivot Tables. I think that that lesson was one of the best in showing the power of big data. I was sorry to see it removed from the curriculum.

Is this the version of the curriculum you are looking for?


Yes. I had already found the unit. What I can’t find is the All Movies csv dataset. I am looking for some large datasets where we can use pivot tables (summary charts) to show trends. From the lesson plan on the same link you provided:

  • For the initial activity, students will be provided with a subset of the movie ratings data. After working through a few examples, students then turn to their own data.*

This is the dataset that is missing.

Hi anthony,

You need to look at the 2017 version of the course.


I think you’re looking for Lesson 11 there. Hope that works out.


Thanks Baker,
I’ve been there. The lesson is there, but the All Movies data set is not. I have searched the internet and there is nothing I have found that was as easy to use as the All Movies csv file.

I was really sad to see the summary/pivot tables removed from the curriculum. This is a very powerful data analysis tool that I think really belongs in CSP.

Are you talking about the dataset in Post AP Data Tools Lesson 6?