Sample Response to U2Ch2L15 Tell a Data Story

I teach 23 students Computer Science Principles. This lesson on Intro to Data was something that caught their attention. They were fascinated with the amount of work that goes into cleaning and making data manipulations in terms of aggregates and pivot tables. We worked with both Excel and Google Sheets to understand the features that are different with regard to charting tools.

Sample Response to U2Ch2L15 Tell a Data Story.

Let me know your thoughts. I’d love to have feedback. Am I on the right track with this unit?


Here is another sample in case it helps.

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@jpauley my feeling is that if more students were both as skilled at manipulating data and as cautious about the results as this one we’d all be in a better place :smiley: Very nice to see this example and the one @mmathews shared. Appreciate you both taking the time to do so!