Maker App and Microsoft login

I saw a post indicating a user was having trouble logging students in using their google acct. A support person quickly fixed the issue.

I am having the same issue with students logging in with their Microsoft acct. Can someone pls assist with this. Students only get a white screen when they log in. It is not a filter issue with my school as I had a student create another acct and log in and there were no issues therefore it is strictly due to a conflict with the log in with Microsoft option. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Was planning on starting this unit today and now having to make a quick change in plans.
THanks !

Hi @denise.reichard,

This support article talks about how to log in using a Microsoft account. If you’ve tried those steps I’d recommend emailing so they can take a look at it from the back end.

Hope that helps,
–Michael K.