Update to Logging In with Maker App

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A quick update to some changes we needed to make to our standalone Maker App for Unit 6 of CS Discoveries: if you & your students login using Google or Clever, the button for this step is now located at the top of the Maker App in the Navigation bar:

If you don’t see the button, make sure you are using the latest version of the Maker App (currently: 1.1.8). You can download the latest version of the app here.

This takes folks to their browser (such as Chrome or Internet Explorer) and has them log-in through Google in their browser. Once they log-in in on the browser, they are taken to a page that gives them a generated code. Meanwhile the Maker App has automatically directed them to a page where they can paste the code. They should copy the code from the browser to the Maker App and once they submit, they’ll be logged in in the Maker App.

Note: If you get an error saying “Already signed in” in your browser, please log out of Code Studio on your browser and try again. We’re working on a fix to make this easier in the future.

Why Did We Make This Change? Google has recently increased their security measures when using third-party apps (like ours!) to login with Google services. These steps allow us to continue using Google to login to the app, while also keeping your account information secure with Google’s new procedures.

Code.org CS Discoveries Team


I’m no longer getting a code when I use the Log in With Google button at the top of the Maker App. When I click it, a browser page opens with me logged in to my Code.org Dashboard, but I don’t get a code. I still get the screen in Maker App asking me to paste in the code. I can still log on to Maker App with my original user name and password, but I know several teachers who would prefer to log in with Google.

Hey @anicholson2869 ! Thanks for putting this on our radar. We did some investigating and believe we’ve fixed the issue. Please try again and it should correctly take you to the screen with the passcode to use in the Maker app.

Dan - Code.org Curriculum Writer

Thanks. I just checked it out and it is working correctly.

Just a quick follow up. I closed out of Maker App and later opened it up and tried Logging on with Google again. I had the same issue that I reported previously. However, once I closed all my browser tabs and windows, I was able to log on with Google and get the code again.

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my class and i tried the classic version of the circuit playground today. we use chromebooks. the only students who it worked for were the ones with the 88 version of chrome os. anyone who had the 89 version of chrome os was unable to get it connected.

Thanks for the information on Chrome OS versions. I have passed this on the people looking into these issues.


I am having the same issue with a student on Windows. It is no longer generating the code. We have tried restarting the computer, making sure all tabs were shut, making sure he is logged out of Code.org… no luck. It is taking me 5-10 minutes of every 45 minute class to trouble shoot trying to get him in, and today, after trying everything. no luck. It is really frustrating.

When I open the code.org maker app it doesn’t load code.org.
I am at the last step of logging in and code.org is generating the code and I can copy it, but the maker app is not asking for the code it just has a blank screen.

Hi @lori.schlueter ,

Thank you for including a screenshot! Can you forward that along to support@code.org as well as whether you’re using a Circuit Playground Classic or Express? This page will let you know how to tell the difference if you’re not sure. They’ll also want to know whether you’re on a Chromebook with the Chrome app or a desktop/laptop with the Maker app.

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–Michael K.

Hi @sandiferc and others following this thread,

We’ve been investigating the recent issues with Circuit Playground connectivity on Google Chrome and discovered the issue: The Circuit Playground devices are no longer able to connect on Chromebooks with the latest version of Chrome (version 89).

Update 3/26 - We’ve found the fix for this! See this update below. Otherwise, our original post is below

Our team is actively investigating a fix for this issue. In the meantime, if you haven’t updated Chrome to the latest version yet and can hold off, we recommend waiting until you are finished with Unit 6 before updating. If you’ve already updated and your students are now blocked from using the Circuit Playgrounds on your Chromebooks following the update, we do have some recommendations for alternatives to CSD Unit 6

We understand that this is a concerning issue and are working hard to understand what options we have to address this problem.

We will share an update as soon as we have more information.If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to support@code.org.


Circuit Playground devices are now able to connect on Chromebooks with the latest version of Chrome (version 89). This fix is now live on our site, and no further action is needed. There is no need to hold off on updating Chrome. Students and teachers working on CSD Unit 6 on Chromebooks can continue with their learning.

We want to extend our gratitude to the students and teachers who reported this issue, to the Chrome team at Google for their assistance, and to the developers at Code.org for quickly finding a fix. We are glad to have quickly resolved this issue, and appreciate your patience.

-Code.org Engineering & Curriculum Team

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Thank you, I did put in a help ticket with support@code.org and they are still working with me to resolve my issue.

I am not able to login. I never get a code. HELP!! We are starting this today, and I can’t get my kids in.

Hey @rebecca.sims ! So sorry to hear that!

Please send us an email at support@code.org and we can help troubleshoot! If you have any screenshots of what’s happening, that’d be great!

Is their an easy way to transition the students off of Google SSO and assign a password to ease this process or do we think it will be resolved relatively soon?