MicroBit speakers don't play sound

We are working through the Creating Apps with Devices lessons using MicroBits, and cannot get the audio to play through the speaker on the microbit. Any tips?


Without seeing the code or knowing what you have already tried, it is difficult to say what might be going on. Some tips in general include:

  • Try adding a volume block to the code
  • Try other usb ports or other adapter cables
  • Reset the microbit and reload the code
  • Try other microbits
  • There are other tips here for troubleshooting the microbit.

If you want to screenshot your code and reply back here, we may be able to help in the case it is something we can troubleshoot in that area.


Another thing to check is which microbit you have. My classroom set is the first version (V1). That version doesn’t have speakers. Here’s more information on that.