Mix and Match Between Years?

Hello all,
First time using code.org with my CS 8th grade students. Are you able to mix and match lessons and assign them between CS Discovery Years? I am going to use mostly 21-22 lessons, but I saw some 18-19 lessons that I really like and want to use with them.

Is this okay? Any snafus or glitches I should look out for? School is starting in about 2 weeks.

thank you


Initially, you would assign them to one version of the course and that’s the version that shows up on their dashboard. You could change their assignment to an earlier version of the course if you wanted, or what I think works better is to keep their assignment to the version you will use most (most likely the 21-22 version) and then just give them a URL to take them to lessons outside of the current years’ assignment if you find lessons from previous versions you want to share.

They can still access those if they have the direct link and you don’t have to change assignments all the time.

Hope that helps!



Thank you so much! I’m glad I’m able to do that.
As it stands now I have 7 lessons that I want to include outside of the 21-22 year.


One thing to remember in doing this is that the content that students create will not be carried across curriculum years. For example, if a student is working in Web Lab and creates something in the 19-20 version then goes to work in the 21-22 version, that content will not carry across automatically the way it does within the same curriculum year. This can easily be copied and pasted. Just something to have in mind so it doesn’t surprise you.