Movie Ratings README?


Hi folks,

I feel a little silly asking, but is there a readme (or other explantion somewhere) for the Movie Ratings file? I’m specifically looking at timestamp, movieID, hour, and min. My assumption is that movieID is the same as Movie, just listed numerically. Similarly, timestamp is date plus hour/min (like normal)?..but min all seem really low. Is min actually how long it took the respondent to complete the survey?

Thank you!


I don’t see any data file in lesson 11 with such detailed column headings… are you referring to the data in lesson 12 on the Google Drive (Discover a Data Story)?

Regardless, here’s the README file for the one in lesson 12: (accessible in that Google Drive folder linked in lesson 12)

Here’s the relevant portion of it that I think answers your question…

timestamp: Unix timestamp when movie rating was created. (Unix time is defined as the number of seconds that have elapsed since Thursday, January 1, 1970.) 

date: Date when movie rating was created. Format: M/D/YYYY
hour: Hour when movie rating was created. (On a 24-hour clock.)
min: Minute when movie rating was created.