Multiple Choice Questions for "FIRST SEMESTER" FINAL Exam


I’m not sure if other people have gotten a reply to your requests, but I did notice that the poster we are all tagging has not been on here for a while. In case it is helpful to other people, I wanted to point to a bank of questions that is available on the college board community site–if you search RQB there is a bank of 75 multiple choice questions (and answers).

I won’t link it here, as there is a request that the documents remain secure.


oooh ooooh ooohh me me me . Can I have a copy? pretty please with sugar on top? This is my first year teaching CSP and I am in need!! THANK YOU THANK YOU.


Not sure if you are still on this forum but if you could email me a copy of that semester exam, I’d be very appreciative!


Thank you! This is probably the best response on this thread. @biermanl Wish I’d checked this link before I set the first semester paper for my students. Will use it in the future exam.


I am interested in your midterm test for units 1-4 if you are still sharing. Thanks a bunch.
Dianne Bremer


@waldennt I would also love to have a copy that exam!



Check out the link from this response on. There is a question bank that you can use.


I would love a copy if you are willing to share!!


Hi Colleen,
Anyway I could get a copy of your midterm?


I would like a copy of the midterm please!


If you are sharing, could you send a copy to


I am checking out other versions out there to see what types of questions are happening.


Can you please share one with me too.



I would appreciate a copy of the exam as well!!! Thank You!!!


I would love a copy of the test, I am new to all of this.


Hello! I would greatly appreciate a copy, as I have to give my students a final next week!!
Thank you,