Multiscreen Chaser Game HELP!

I still use some of the older curriculum so perhaps this a why I don’t know. But today when my students were making a multi screen chaser game. For all of them when they would click the image their supposed to click on. It would automatically lose the game. Because it registers that they are clicking both the image & background. We use console logs to verify this. As far as I can tell they have done nothing wrong.


It does seem that it would work but you are correct that the main screen is taking precedence for the click event. I also checked and the arrangement order was correct…meaning the smaller cucumber was all the way in the front and the main screen was all the way to the back.

To problem solve, does the main screen have to be the trigger for the event? Could you try to put in another layer (like an image) and if that is clicked, then the loser screen shows? Key is using the depth (I think of as layers/arrangement- I’ve added a screenshot).
Screen Shot 2022-05-27 at 2.17.53 PM

I am going to move your questions to CSD since it is much like the games in Unit 4.

Hope that helps