New Post-Project tests for Units 1-3


The CSD team has created post-project tests for Units 1-3. You can get more information and try them out in the Assessments category (available to validated teachers only).

Elizabeth & CSD Team


When my students took the first assessment it scored the matching by using 0,1,2,3.
Can someone explain the reason they used a zero? I would like to give grades without having to look at every students test individually.

My best guess would be that they got all of the options mixed up?

I believe the numbers indicate the number of correct matches in the problem, so a student that scored a zero got none of the correct matches, but the student that scored a three got three out of the five matches correct.

It had 4 numbers for each student, but the matching wasn’t numbered on the test itself so I am not sure what order they are using.



Hi Dawn, can you email, and include a screenshot if you are able? That will help us to get this feedback to the right place and make sure the right person can answer any questions.


I figured out my issue. I was trying to look for a quick way to check, but in the test excel spreadsheet it only gave numbers of how many the students answered correctly and not the correct answers.
So I was having difficulty looking just at the spread sheet, so I went through each students test answers.