New teacher needs help

How does the Curriculum match the online modules? For example - Do i teach Unit 1 lesson 1 then have students complete the online activity?

Hi @julie.lato,

Welcome to the Forum! How students use the learning platform varies from lesson to lesson and unit to unit. After the pre-survey, the first four lessons of Unit 1 do not require students to use the platform as they develop their understanding of the problem-solving process. For the remaining Unit 1 lessons, students use the platform as a tool to explore apps to learn how computers can be used as a tool for problem solving. In other units, students use the platform as a creation environment as they learn to use computers to solve problems. Each lesson plan clarifies how and when students use the platform and includes lesson-specific resources such as slide decks and student activity guides.

The CS Discoveries curriculum landing page provides links to guidance on how to get started implementing the course.

Hope that helps!

Best, Andrea