October CSP-Piloter Call


It was great seeing folks on our call tonight!

useful links from the call:

Writing Suggestions

Question 1: what are your strategies for helping students become comfortable writing?


  • coteach with your writing teacher
  • a lot of students self-identify as
    poor writers, which sets them up for failure on test do writing, and
    do it often! model it for your students – show that you’re excited
    about it!


  • there’s no secret shortcut-- you have to write in order to write
  • remember, we’re not going to grade on grammar or style-- it’s
    all about communicating ideas


  • scaffold the expectations and accountability for writing. your process might look something like this:
    • start by having students just write for themselves-- students get credit if they did the writing
    • next, have students turn it in, and if it’s on topic at all, then they get credit
    • then, give a self-assessment

Question 2: what are your strategies for helping students express their ideas clearly?

  • formulaic approach to writing the answer → practice this!
  • lots of reasons to write, and lots of approaches-- make it clear to your students why you’re actually writing what are the goals of the actual activity



  • have students anonymously share their writing with other students in the class
    • grade students on the quality of their feedback, rather than the quality of their initial writing

if you were able to make it, or if you watch the video after the fact, let us know how we did in the following anonymous poll. Please feel free to leave a comment on this thread with any ideas you have about future topics!

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Hi Brook I met you in 2014 at UVA-Tapestry. I missed this piloter call but now since I have registered, I plan to participate. I am testing your CSP program and hope to implement it in next semester’s classes. I am currently using the textbook version of ECP but would like to switch in order to be ready for AP next year. I am assuming I will get an email notification about the calls. Thanks