Online Curriculum Guide


I am a prolific note maker. I import digital materials into One Note where I can arrange there any way I want and then add my own comments, notes, annotations etc. inline in the document. Is there any way to copy/export/download the CSP Online Curriculum Guide? It’s a wonderful document. I use it a lot! I am almost daily wanting to add my own thoughts to it. All other materials can be externalized in one manner or another. But I have been unable to do so with the CSP Curriculum Guide.


Hi @jwhowe,

I opened the Curriculum Guide in a new window (and fiddled with part of the URL) and it looks like a Google Doc:

Once you open it, you can go to File => Download As
and choose from multiple formats (including PDF)

Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for since I haven’t used One Note myself, but I hope that helps.



Doh! Talk about the answer staring me right in the face! Thank you Frank.