Online Curriculum Guide


I am a prolific note maker. I import digital materials into One Note where I can arrange there any way I want and then add my own comments, notes, annotations etc. inline in the document. Is there any way to copy/export/download the CSP Online Curriculum Guide? It’s a wonderful document. I use it a lot! I am almost daily wanting to add my own thoughts to it. All other materials can be externalized in one manner or another. But I have been unable to do so with the CSP Curriculum Guide.


Hi @jwhowe,

I opened the Curriculum Guide in a new window (and fiddled with part of the URL) and it looks like a Google Doc:

Once you open it, you can go to File => Download As
and choose from multiple formats (including PDF)

Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for since I haven’t used One Note myself, but I hope that helps.



Doh! Talk about the answer staring me right in the face! Thank you Frank.


@jwhowe Glad you are able to access and download the guide. I’m a prolific annotator, so I understand your needs! We do make small changes to the course as needed throughout the year, so if you notice something is different then you expect, check the online version and take a look at Appendix C. Cheers! ~ Hannah


Thanks for the follow-up Hannah.