Print copy of curriculum


So I ordered a print copy of the course through Mimeo printing service and they sent me the exact same copy as last year -I am now out $32. needs to send the new revision to them-it says 2018-2019 when you order but the revised copy is not really there.


Hi Elaine-

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. That is not a good experience at all! We are looking into this and will make sure to get you the updated Curriculum Guide ASAP.




Kristin is taking care of sending the guide. You should be aware that the guide only contains an overview of lessons and the unplugged lessons. It does not contain the other lessons so I still have to go online to get those. It would be a major improvement if you could include all the curriculum in that print copy.

Elaine Miller


Thanks for the feedback Elaine! We find that most teachers tend to use the online lesson plans. I will look into the feasibility of having the complete lesson plans available on Mimeo as well.