Opening websites in app lab

I am trying to have an app open an external link. This only works when the domain is Nothing else works. This feature used to work fine and open whatever website, but when I try to open a link that doesn’t have the domain of, this is the site it sends me to: studio dot code dot org/projects/applab/(project id)/(site i tried to open)
I do not know if this is intentional or not, if it isn’t, please fix it.

Whenever you redirect anything in Applab, regular javascript, etc., it will attempt to redirect to the current directory + the site you actually wanted to go to.
The only way for you to get redirected correctly is if you add some variant of an HTTP(s) protocol to the beginning of the url; for example, wouldn’t be directed properly, but would.
I’d suggest you use http:// and not https://, since while most modern websites have transitioned to the more secure latter, some older sites have yet to switch (think of it like this - all sites support http, not all support https).

The problem doesn’t lie within an error of or some new feature they may have implemented.

Hope this helps!

Ok thanks I will try that