Tag to external websites not working - help

Hi I wondered if anyone could help. I have a student trying to link to an external website using a href and use iframe but everytime she does the link goes to a webpage which displays 404 not found, no such key.

Any ideas?

Could you include a link to student’s project so we can see the code?

Is this clear enough it is the tag that is highlighted - I wonder if it is due to the external website itself?



I double checked the link and it is correct so I’m not sure the source of the 404 error. This might be a long shot, but maybe fixing the other link on the page below it that is missing > will help clear things up. Links will often not work in WebLab when there are other errors on the page. It’s worth a shot. Maybe someone else sees something I don’t?

Thanks - we think it might have something to do with that particular website. Oh well :slight_smile:

Just wanted to share - we played around and took the speak marks out of the link and the website showed up! It says the code is wrong (it’s pink) but the website link works now. So strange!