Organization of students in a class

Is there a way to alphabetize students by their last name instead of by their first name? Getting things to match my grade book would be very helpful. Thanks

Hi @nfox,
Unfortunately this is not an option at this time. I would recommend putting in a request through the bug report. That way the developers will see the need.

The advice suggested in the post below is what I usually do (ie. manually change them … it can be done pretty quickly, but is still not an ideal solution).


You would think that could write some code for this to make it happen? Manually doing it kind of defeats the benefits of technology, right?

2 Likes please listen to this request! I teach coding to elementary school students and when it comes time to recording their work in my gradebook it is a nightmare! Your original website allowed me to click and change the view but that was years ago. Please bring that back!


If you go to you can submit a feature request to make sure the product team sees this!

–Michael K.

Thank you so much for taking the time to email me. I put in a request!

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Hello @ctackvic,

Thank you for putting in that request. I was about to submit one but continued reading and I found that you had already done so. Hopefully they get to working on improving this feature because our districts LMS platform is alphabetical by Last Name. It would be of great value for us as teachers.

Lydia Morales