Sorting Students In Dashboard - Solution for Sort by LAST NAME

I’m a longtime and VERY SATISFIED TEACHER of! However, it’s BAFFLING that a such an AWESOME organization, devoted to teaching kids how to code, —> can’t determine a way to allow teachers to sort students by LAST name. I understand that we’re an international community (different languages = different naming conventions) but perhaps you could allow those of us, who organize our classrooms by LAST NAME, to do some of the work… I’d gladly retype my students names into TWO ADDITIONAL FIELDS which could then be linked internally, ALLOWing for sorting of student PROGESS by LAST NAME. Many of us have ASKED FOR THIS SINCE 2016. Sorting Students In Dashboard - #11 by josh.schulte (This would help me to keep my GRADE BOOK current, thus keeping PARENTS BETTER INFORMED.


This may not quite be what you are after, but if you are willing to retype them, you can currently do that in a way.

From your “Manage Students” page, you can click on the gears icon and choose “edit all”. This will allow you to retype the names any way you want to (including last, first) in the single name field and that will allow you to sort by last name.