Sorting Students In Dashboard

Is there a way to sort the student names in the Dashboard? Is there a way to sort by last name if there names are entered with first names first and last names last (First Last)?



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Hi @jwilson25

I don’t think there is a way currently to sort students in the dashboard. I can pass along the request to our engineering team tho. When were you hoping to be able to sort your students?


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I’d like them sorted in the View Progress screen, the answer viewer list, etc. i did find a workaround…I added their names like this: “Wilson, John” and niw when I click on the name column, they sort. But i have to keep doing that each time i view the list. It’s helpful when grading.


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Now that it is 2019, is there a way to sort by last name? Several other websites that we use have that option which makes grading and recording grades much, much easier. I would like to see this improvement. Thank you.



Hoping to bump this conversation, sorting by last name is going to be critical for inputting grades into the gradebook. Any chance this option is available?




I’ll forward this to the staff, but my guess is “not any time soon”.

Looking at the account info, students enter their names into a single field labeled “Display name”

My guess is the database does not distinguish between a first and last name, since students can enter a single name or even five names in this one field.

I would suggest having students enter their names as “Last name, First name”, so an alphabetical sort will sort by last name (as also mentioned higher up in this thread).

Again, regardless, I’ll point the team to your requests here.


I have always asked my students to input their names as Last, First but I still needed to go in and correct things. This year I simply went through and updated each students name with the name from our gradebook system. That was I didn’t have to double check everyone.

If you are importing from Google Classroom, you cannot change how the students enter their names. A sorting feature is a pretty simple one to add. It would save a ton of time with little development effort.


Please put in a request at

Has this been resolved? I would really like my students to be sorted by last name as it would make my life much easier. Side note: I imported students from Google Classroom.

Hello all! You’re far from alone in such a request for many more sorting options, especially by last name. This is unfortunately difficult to implement in a way that would benefit 100% of teachers using the site. We have experimented with such features, but alternative sorting methods can easily result in scattered, inaccurate sorting for some teachers whose students are using different naming conventions than a typical First Last name setup. Many student accounts on use naming conventions that incorporate numbering, more than 2 words per student, punctuation, unusual surnames, some combination of all of these, or other conventions we can’t predict - not to mention international users with different naming conventions entirely that cross languages. We hope to include such features in the future - our teacher dashboard in general is the #1 most-requested area for new features or updates. We greatly appreciate the feedback!