Own game share in portfolio


We are building student portfolios that will follow the students. They are doing CS Discoveries as 10th graders and then CS Principles as 12th graders. How can I put their final games in unit 3 Lesson 22 into their digital portfolios? If we put the link to the game will it still be there 2 years later? Does code.org delete them after a period of time? Any suggestions people have of “saving” the games would be appreciated.


Mrs. Alamillo,

As for saving the games you can share and use the embed code to put in right into a webpage - are you using Google Sites? Any website creator will have an “embed” feature.

Great question - and I’m sure that one that will come up for a lot of people later. I’ll forward to other staff that might know but I know I have students that still have access to their work for a few years so hopefully it will stay for them to use again. You could also have them save the text code to a text document and then copy and paste it into the editor just in case.


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